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Hudson Project Services Ltd.

Hudson Project Services provide a consistently high standard
of professional consultancy services across all sectors of the built
environment. We provide a comprehensive and complementary range of services
across all public and private sectors that includes the below:

Our Services

Cost Management – We offer a full range of pre and post contract of cost management / quantity surveying services to our clients. Our cost planning service is designed to facilitate robust commercial planning and management of our clients’ capital and revenue projects. Our focus is on cost certainty, risk mitigation and delivering best value. We also regularly assist clients in the development and management of their business cases, budgets / budgetary controls, and spend forecasting


Procurement – The procurement of construction and engineering work can be complex. Our complete procurement service is designed to provide our clients with the right procurement advice with careful consideration to their attitudes to the balance between risk, speed of delivery, quality and cost. As well as giving advice, we are able to implement and manage the entire procurement process on behalf of our clients, from development of a robust procurement strategy through to tendering and on to the selection of preferred suppliers


Contracts – We offer our clients a holistic contracts service. At Hudson Project Services we have extensive experience in the negotiation, agreement and preparation of commercial construction and engineering contracts. Our expertise extends to all of the most widely used industry standard form contracts including the NEC3 and JCT suites. Our knowledge and experience also extends to ancillary contracts to the main building and engineering contracts. We are able to offer advice and guidance in relation to performance bonds, collateral warranties, retention bonds, vesting certificates, licences for alterations and many more. We even have our own suite of Contracts which are ideal for consultancy, domestic build and major projects.


Commercial Management – Hudson Project Services can offer the complete commercial management of the post contract phase of construction and engineering projects. Our focus is upon ensuring that our clients commercial interests are protected, as well as seeing that they are meeting their contractual obligations and the requirements of relevant legislation. We are also able to offer clients assistance with commercial spend and cash flow reporting as well as developing and managing budgetary controls.


Contract Administration – Our extensive knowledge of construction and engineering contracts means that we can offer advice to our clients about the administering of contracts, or we can administer them entirely on their behalf


Project Management – Hudson Project Services offers a Project Management support service where our skills include understanding, developing and communicating the project need from stakeholders, establishing output criteria and performance – scope, time, quality and cost, planning the project pathway, establishing inputs to achieve the desired outcomes, assembling competent project teams, allocating, co-ordinating and managing the activities of the project team to deliver desired outputs / outcome, managing change to the project pathway, monitoring the quality of project inputs and outputs and assessing these against the established input and output performance criteria, most importantly, our overarching focus is upon delivering our clients’ projects on time, on budget, safely and to the prescribed standards.


NEC Specialists – This complex form of contract places a significant burden upon all parties. It is vital that the processes and procedures are correctly managed in order to secure proper entitlement. Our experience means we confidently administer NEC contracts and can advice on all aspects of commercial risk and opportunity that the contract affords.

Dispute Resolution – We understand that problems can occur, and we aim to resolve disputes with a successful outcome for our Clients by providing sound advice and support. We carry out detailed analysis to provide expert advice on contractual claims and quantum

Risk Management – We can help our Clients highlight risks of any nature and provide advice on how to avoid or manage the impact of those potential risks.

Company Documentation -We can offer a full company set off documents, inclusive but not limited to company policies, employment contracts, construction contracts, company handbooks, procedures, health and safety plans, employee handbooks, workplace health and safety, code of conducts, scope of work documents, cost estimates, Invitation to Tenders, Works Informations, Construction Programmes, etc.

Document Control – We offer a full remote document control service where we can take control of all business and project documentation. We will control the flow of documents in and out of the project controlling the numbering, storing, filing, backup and retrieval of both electronic and hard copy documents. We also offer a proof reading services.